Have a great time. Support a Ranger vet. Our mission is to support U.S. Army Ranger veterans and their families. We conduct participant based fundraising events nationwide for the benefit of U.S. Army Rangers. Join us in supporting these warriors. See event categories below...

Art Attaway US Army RangerWe serve a noble cause...

Art Attaway

This is me way back when I became a U.S. Army Ranger in 1974. At the time I believed it to be among the most prestigious branch of the military. I still do. I served my country alongside some of the bravest, most patriotic people I have ever had the honor to know. The respect I have for my fellow Ranger veterans is what has driven me to do my part to help meet the vast needs for Ranger vets that exist.

OnPoint 1-1 hosts great events to raise money to support various organizations that provide much needed services for Ranger vets and their families. Your participation in the events and spreading the word goes a long way to support our very noble cause.