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About Us | Our Purpose

The purpose of ONPOINT 1-1 is to promote and preserve the heritage, spirit, image and service of U.S. Army Rangers and to raise funds through donations and events for the benefit of U.S. Army Rangers and their families, to include scholarship, short-term aid, specialty housing for disabled Rangers, transition programs to civilian life, PTSD care and support, suicide abatement, and other programs that may be under development.

ONPOINT 1-1 accomplishes this by supporting and promoting the events, programs and activities of Ranger units and recognized Ranger associations and recognizing the unselfish contributions by Ranger families, relatives and supporters and encouraging their continued support and honoring the service, courage and sacrifices made by U.S. Army Rangers.

ONPOINT 1-1 works closely with the Airborne and Ranger Training Brigade and the 75th Ranger Regiment and all subordinate units in order to give meaningful support to active duty Ranger soldiers. Our outreach includes four generations of U.S. Army Rangers – retired, separated, and active duty – who fought for our Nation from World War II through present day; associate and honorary members who have made extraordinary contributions to US. Army Rangers; and affiliate members who are spouses of deceased Rangers or descendants of regular members.

OnPoint 1-1 is a non-profit corporation that was created to support these specific organizations: the United States Army Ranger Association, the U.S. Mountain Ranger Association, the 75th Ranger Regiment Association, the National Ranger Memorial Foundation, the Darby Project, the Worldwide Army Rangers Association, HOOAH Foundation, Lead the Way Foundation, Sua Sponte Foundation, and the National Ranger Association, as well as the Active Duty Ranger Units already identified and other support programs in current and future development.