About Aid and Support

About Aid and Support

The U.S. Army Rangers are among the most Elite Warriors our nation has ever known.
A form of a Ranger unit has been involved in every war or conflict since the Revolutionary War. In the recent past they were present in WWII, where the term “Rangers Lead the Way” became famous in the county, when that was the Command on D-Day 75 years ago, and Merrill’s Marauders suffered the Burma Campaign to fight off the Japanese on the Asian side of the continent, where they were trying to mount a second front. Again in Korea and Vietnam the Rangers were called on, and in 1974 the Rangers were organized into Battalions and ultimately the 75th Ranger Regiment. These soldiers participated in every campaign our country entered, including the Iran Hostage Rescue, Grenada, Panama, Somalia, and Iraq during Desert Shield in 1991 when Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait. Our current Rangers have been on the cutting edge of every battle since 2001, and are constantly deployed in harms way, or preparing for that battle to come. Many of these soldiers have seen between 14 and 20 deployments since 2001. Most of them know only war fighting. Our goal is to help transition these brave men into civilian life and offer them and their families the quality of life they deserve, and offer each Ranger the opportunity every American has enjoyed from their defense of our country and constitution… the American Dream.
We acknowledge there are 22 Veteran Suicides per day, and know that brotherhood, fellowship, support, purpose, and opportunity can significantly help eliminate this condition. There are many great warriors in the Special Operation community, and in the Big Army. Only a few have seen more war than the Rangers. Because there is so much to do for all soldiers, we do not believe we can help everyone, and have made our focus the U.S. Army Ranger. Sua Sponte is the motto of the Rangers, and it means “Of Our Own Accord,” because every Ranger has to volunteer to serve as a Ranger. Sua Sponte is our motto as well, and we hope you join us in this mantra. Many programs are in development and we will be supporting programs beyond what is listed here, but you can expect your contributions to go to the following existing programs:


  • Ranger Assistance Fund –Short term assistance for any Ranger in legitimate need.
  • Tuition Assistance – For Ranger families in communities where the public education system is inadequate.
  • Disabled Vet Specialty Housing – For those disabled Rangers that need special accommodations in their living space.
  • C-RASP – (Civilian Ranger Assistance and Support Program) For those Rangers desiring to start their own businesses when they finally leave active duty, and help them navigate the civilian world and business world.



  • C-SOG – To offer their time and knowledge to young Cadets planning to become our Nation’s next War fighters.
  • Task Force Ranger – To help humanity in this Immediate Emergency Disaster Relief Task Force created to immediately deploy to disaster areas and assist with search and rescue, medical treatment, and evacuation of wounded.
  • Free Burma Rangers – A Christian effort to help indigenous populations being oppressed and murdered by those corrupt in leaders in power. This group operates in Burma, IRAQ/Syria, and Northern Africa.


  • Darby – Started by the Gallant Few Foundation and Karl Monger, this unit is in support of understanding the various challenges that exist in a transition from Ranger life to civilian life, and addressing these needs in the earliest stages.
  • C-RASP – Offers business financing, legal and financial management support, and operational management support t insure success.
  • Bunker Labs – Provides funding for viable Veteran business start-ups.


  • Scholarship – Numerous Scholarship programs already exist in the community and we provide support for each of these funds for Rangers and their families.
  • Job training – Program development and provide access to numerous existing free job training programs that already exist in the free enterprise system for Veterans.
  • Darby early education - Darby begins educating soldiers at the earliest stages of their career on the various aspects of life outside that of the Ranger unit, including financial management, legal affair management, disability and medical treatment assistance, educational opportunities, business opportunities, and many more.


Buddy Aid – Self Aid:

We believe that through our brotherhood community maintenance we can identify and offer help with:

  • PTSD – We acknowledge that TBI and PTS exist in many soldiers that return from years of battle exposure. There are various programs that already exist that we support.
  • Drug and Alcohol – PTS and TBI, and pain from injuries can lead to substance abuse. Through our Brotherhood programs we hope to identify these conditions early and can provide short term aid for situations that seem hopeless, and then move the Ranger into one of many existing programs that already exist.
  • Suicide Abatement – Our focus is on supporting the Shephard Center in Atlanta, GA, where a very successful and proven program has a Zero Incident rate after a soldier attends their 16 week program, which is offered for free to any Veteran in need.
  • Darby – A central link for those brothers identified to be in need.


These associations and programs already exist and offer brotherhood nationwide for Rangers to maintain relationships with a community they find comfort and support in. Each association and program has specific functions, meetings, additional programs, assistance programs, ongoing support, and community programs and we support each of these efforts.

  • USARA – United States army Ranger Association
  • USMRA – United States Mountain Ranger Association
  • 75th RRA – 75th Ranger Regiment Association
  • WAR – Worldwide Army Rangers
  • Ranger for Life – Active Duty Soldiers program

There are many other programs and foundations, and programs in development we support, and these include:

  • Sua Sponte Foundation
  • Lead the Way Foundation
  • HOOAH Foundation
  • NRMF – National Ranger Memorial Foundation
  • Gallant Few Foundation
  • ReGroup Foundation
  • National Ranger Association and Best Ranger Competition
  • SOWF (Special operations warfare Foundation)